As a followup to the Carnival I have written some more memories these were triggered by reading some of the other participants memories.

  • my sister and I at one time shared a bedroom and we use to take turns at singing each other to sleep.
  • My mother must have stroked my hair as a wee toddler or baby (I dont remember) however I get sleepy when anyone plays with my hair
  • I had a dilemma when I was a very small toddler in my childhood home. But before I tell you what it was I must point out that the childhood home I refer to in the carnival was actually my 2nd childhood home. It is the place I lived in from about a year old till I was 18 years old. The dilemma I faced when I first moved to this house was that it was designed like this

the-house.jpgand I would get lost (around the red square).  It really confused me that it was like around about.  When I was drawing this I was reminded that the doorway between the lounge and dining room was a pair of large, orangish brownish glass doors which slid back and forth and were had decorative designs drawn into the glass.  This of course is only part of the house.

  • Outside we had a swing that my father made. I would spend hours swinging in it and “flying through the sky like a bird”
  • One of my favourite games involved lining  up dolls and teddies and spending many hours playing school with them.  I always knew I wanted to be some sort of teacher.
  • We had a pararubber pool.  Dad use to play in the pool with us.  Creating waves and allowing us to climb up into his arms to be “sky rocketed” into the water.  It was freestanding by that I mean it could have been sunk into the ground or surrounded by a deck but it wasnt.  It had silver corrugated type sides.  It was round and big and ours 🙂 I think it was probably before pools had to be in a fenced off area but Dad fenced it anyway.  We were under strict instructions not to go in unless we had asked permission.


Mary from Owlhaven is hosting a Carnival about our childhood homes.

When I was a child I lived in a house on the corner of a highway and a side street. We had a large backyard where I use to love playing but more about that later. My father collected cactus so outside the lounge window was a homemade glasshouse full of cactus. I would have a smaller glasshouse beside it in later childhood years. We had a 3 bedroom wooden house. I had my own bedroom. It wasnt very big but it was mine. In later years we would enlarge it and I would get a full length mirror on my wardrobe door.

Before the house extension the kitchen had black and white lino squares which I use try to walk on without touching the lines. On the corner of the sink bench was a rubber stopper which dad put there to prevent us kids getting hurt when and if we got near the sharp edge of the bench. We also had a large built in porch. It was like a room and was very handy in the winter time. I remember fainting there once when I was sick.

We also had a rumpus room by the garage. This is where I would play for many long hours at being a radio DJ. I was allowed to decorate the room with my posters, I had a small table on which sat my radio/cassette player.  This is where I would read my girly magazines and drool over the likes of Michael J Fox, John Stamos and Tom Cruise.

Going back to the large backyard we had I use to spend many long summer hours climbing the climbing tree. Or playing that I was a warrior with a pretend spear. We (my sister and I) were also expected to help wash the family car. We also helped picking up the hedge clippings until I finally managed to convince my parents that they irritated my sinuses. Then I was allowed to stay inside while my sister had continue helping dad.

It was a special treat we felt to be allowed to ride our bikes up and down our road.  My parents had a rule (which I apply to my own children to this day) that we werent allowed outside the gate.  So to be able to ride our bikes (sometimes make believe horses) outside the gate and down as far as the school entrance was  a real privilege.

If you would like to read more about my childhood memories read my other posts in this blog.  I have many more childhood memories contained in this blog.

I also invite you to visit my other blog

Got this meme from Barbara too.  She got it from Mama Bear

1. I left school which I hated and went and worked in a plant nursery (which I had worked in during school holidays and weekends for several years). I mostly left school because there was this nice guy working at the nursery. He was a truck driver. I had a big crush on him

2. I got my drivers license after months and months of driving tuition from a driving school – it cost me a fortune

3. At that first job I meet my first real friend Carina. She wasnt like other people Id known in the past. She was loyal to our friendship. Unfortunately she was murdered when I was 19 1/2 year old. I will never forget the day I found out

4. I lived in a caravan. I really wanted to go flatting but my mother wouldn’t let me so I saved up and got a caravan instead

5. When I was 18 I lived with a man I ended up marrying. We lived at his fathers house it was far from ideal. I missed my caravan which I sold

6. I got engaged 19 (and was married when I was 20) He was my daughters father

7. I tried smoking and hated it

This wasn’t part of the meme, but I thought it would be fun to look at 7 historical things that happened in New Zealand during my teens , which happened to be from 1983- 1989:

1. 1983:- I was 13
The fourth Sweetwaters Music Festival is held near Pukekawa. My older cousins went and I wanted too of course I wasnt allowed

2. 1984:- I was 14
New Zealand signed the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

3. 1985:- I was 15
10 July: two French secret agents blew up the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland, killing crewmember Fernando Pereira. The Rainbow Warrior had been preparing to sail to Moruroa Atoll in the SE Pacific, to protest French nuclear weapons testing there.

4. 1986:- I was 16
October 1: GST is introduced at a rate of 10%.

5. 1987:- I was 17
# 19 June: 6 year old Teresa Cormack murdered. This little girl lived in the Hawkes Bay
# December: New Zealand’s first heart transplant takes place at Greenlane Hospital

6.1988:- I was 18
7 March: Cyclone Bola strikes the East Coast of the North Island

7. 1989:- I was 19
# November 26: TV3 begins broadcasting.
# December 10: Sunday trading begins.

my-13th-birthday.jpg13th birthday

15.jpg 15 and I made the skirt and loved these shoes

15-again.jpg15 years old with my school uniform on

15-once-more.jpg15 years old

I got this meme from Barbara’s. Who got it from Sallie’s who has a Mr Linky set up for those interested in this meme to sign.

Apple Jacks or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries
Havent heard of either of these cereals. When I was growing up and even now I eat cornflakes

Band or Choir


Class Ring
nope we didnt do this at my school

Ducks or Battleships
I don’t remember playing with either one in the bath. Then I was maybe 13? and mum and dad pulled out the bath and made a shower.

Earning Money
I had an afternoon paper run.

Favorite Teacher
Ms Kingston she was a student teacher I had her in standard 3 when I was about about 9 or 10 years of age. She was lovely. She had long brown hair. I would like to know what happened to her. She was only at my school for about a year. When she left she gave me some Fleetwood Mac pictures she had.

Go Back and Do Over
Everything I would have liked to have fitted in and not been teased

Home Economics
We took sewing, metal work, wood work and cooking when I was in Form 1 and 2 (when I was 11, 12 and 13). We use to go once a week and went on the bus to an intermediate. The school I went to was a full primary school.

Then I took Home Economics at high school for 2 years I think. I remember making lunch for my mother and she and my partners mother came and ate the lunch we had them at school. I also took woodwork for 1 year at High School I so wish I had taken that longer I enjoyed it but it was considered a boys class.

Indoor Recess

At primary school I use to go to the library and write out poems. This allowed me to get away from the bullies. I use to hate it when the library wasnt open for whatever reason

Jacks or Jump Rope
I was excluded from both by the other kids. I did get my own jacks and play by myself

Kickball or Dodgeball
I dont remember. We had to play cricket and rounders. I use to stand well in the out field where I wouldnt have to do much. We also had to play netball and I HATED it. It gave children the right to scream at me.

Sandwiches, biscuits and fruit with a drink

At primary school we had to take part. I dont remember much except fear.

Number of School Districts
I went to one primary school from age 5 through to 13. It was 3 doors down the road from home.

I had to take the bus to High school.

Orange or Apple
neither I liked bananas.

Playground Equipment
I liked the stepping stones. And at home we had a swing I dont remember playing with them at school but I loved our one at home.

Quiz Team or Debate

I use to spend them getting teased and standing under the trees near the classrooms. Except when the library was open 🙂

Spring Break
We had our longest holiday of the year in summer time around Christmas here in New Zealand. Sometimes we’d go away.

Team Sports
Netball because we had to. Hated it!!!

Unfulfilled Dream
Not to be teased. I still sorry for that little girl that I use to be.

The most valuable part of my education was being praised by the headmaster. He use to come in and say “theres my smiling friend” I use to look out for him and when he came in I use to smile at him. he was nice 🙂

I also loved and was good at English.

Once a week we had Bible in schools where I am sure a seed was planted in my heart.

Walk or Bus
Walk to primary school. Bus to high school.

X Country or Basketball
Neither. But at High school had a friend (for a while until her mother died and she started hanging out with the bad girls) and I use to watch her play basketball.

My favourite year??? none I liked class work – school work didnt like the teasing and there was a lot of it. By the time I got to high school I was a loner

I knew the basis of maths. By the time I was at high school it was like a second language and I didnt understand any of it.(I got good at maths at Uni)

I took geography for a year at High school found that boring and hard too

By clicking on the photos below you will get  a bit better look.  Sorry about the quality

 1977.jpg  1977 (when I was 7) Im in the front row sitting up tall holding the sign

school-patrols.jpg1983 (when I was 12 my 2nd to last year at primary school) Im 4th of the left holding the sign.  Yes I did school patrols but not for long as I was nearly hit by a car.  It was an aweful busy highway and after the near accident when a failed to stop for the lollipop sign my mother said I wasnt doing it anymore

91869.jpgHigh school  1984 (I was 14 my first year at high school) Im in the 3rd row up and 3rd from the right

91868.jpg1985 (I was 15 ) Im in the front row and 3rd from the right

1986.jpg1986 (I was 16 and this was my final year at school I left at the end of this year after sitting school c nad passing I hated school) Im in the front row and 4th from the right

A while ago I was tagged by two dear bloggie friends of mine (Toni and Amy) and since Ive been slack busy I havent done them. Today Im fixing that up. I am going to spare you from reading a long long post and make it easy for myself by just doing 10. I know Im cheating but I told you Im slack busy LOL

Here goes:-

1 I use to belong to St John’s ambulance as a cadet

2 I use to collect cactus and have a little glasshouse of mine own

3 I loved woodwork as a child and made a ladder as well as other things. I loved it so much that I took it in my first year at high school as well as at intermediate.

4 I went to CobbnCo for my 13th birthday

5 I use to be a Brownie and then a Girl Guide (in the photo below Im 3rd from the right and this was my first camp)

6 Ive always bitten my finger nails

7 Ive always like full length mirrors

8 As a child I use to play that I was a warrior and had a pretend spear

9 Although you might think this fact above means I was a tom boy I wasnt. I liked playing with dolls too

10 I use to play the guitar but I never practised much which probably is the reason I never got very far with it even though I had music lessons as a child for many years.

I wont tag any one because youve probably all done these anyway. I am SLACK!!! But if youd like to do these go ahead and tell me so I can read your answers and know that youre not as slack as me 🙂

I was 20 months old my mother would have been 8 months pregnant with my little sister.  As well as this pool I would have had a sandpit too.  It was in a concrete pit that one day had been a goldfish pond.  When we went to live in the house I grew up in Dad decided it wasnt safe and drained it and made it into a sand pit instead.  It was an awesome sand pit about 6 foot by maybe 4 foot with a depth of maybe about 2 or 3 feet in depth.  We had many years of fun playing in it.  At night it had an iron cover made of roofing iron sheets joined together with wood over it.



3 months old


sleeping beauty 3 months old


6 months old


7 months old already for a swim. Im not sure if these were home made but if they were my father probably made them he was the sewer in our house. He also use to take over completley in the weekends and look after me allowing Mum to have a rest. This was rather unheard of in the early 1970’s.



9 months old

All photos if clicked on should enlarge


click on to enlarge

When I was born my father was an electrician and they were provided a house to live in. I have seen the land it was once on its quite grassy now. It was a little cottage. Probably only 2 bedrooms as we had to move when my sister was born. It was right next to some power line towers. At least one of the towers was on our section.




Next door to us lived a friend of Mum’s. From what I gather this lady got German Measles when Mum was pregnant with me. I could have been born like Muzz whose mother did get it when she was pregnant with him. Muzz has an 80% hearing loss and is blind in one eye. Anyway Mum was fortunate she didnt get it and I was born without any medical conditions. Anyway this lady had a little boy called Guy and Guy and I use to play with each other all the time.

Here we are I was 7 months old.



I wonder what happened to Guy??? I wonder if he was affected by rubella???

A meme from Jana
1. What was your favorite childhood family vacation?

One summer we went to a river. Mum, my sister and I slept in the tent while Dad slept in the trailer that was attached to the car. We roughed it. We had no electricity. One night there was a storm and we all ended up in the trailer with Dad. Us girls, played in the river during the day. Once our buckets floated away down stream we were most upset. Dad waded down stream to get them. My sister and I cried even more. We thought we were going to get in trouble with Dad. When he came back with our buckets Mum told him we were upset enough already. He helped my sister and I build a dam with the river rocks so we wouldnt lose our buckets again.

2. If you knew your grandparents, what do you remember most about them as a child? If you didn’t know them, what stories do you remember being told about them?
We didnt have a lot to do with our grandparents. I remember my paternal grandparents house. Their kitchen/dining room that had a pew for us kids to sit on at the table, their lounge, where grandpa would sit in his chair. Their hallway that had huge family portraits hanging on the wall. I remember going out into their back yard and looking at their vegetable garden. When they came to stay at our house Grandpa would give me big hugs on the sofa in our lounge. They would nearly squeeze everything I had within me out. They were GREAT BIG bear hugs. But I didnt seem to mind too much.

With my maternal grandparents my Nana died when I was 5. After that time Pop use to sometimes come and stay at our house. He had been in the war and had a bad leg. His last horse before he died was a one room cottage. I had never seen such a small house as his. He lived on some land and I think there were horses. My sister cut her finger badly on his barbed wire fence.

3. Do you have siblings or not? What do you remember about growing up with or without them?

We use to fight like cat and dog my sister and I. We love each other dearly these days.

We use to play houses in our bedrooms and visit each other in our houses. During the course of growing up we shared a room at times and had our own rooms sometimes too. When we shared our room we use to sing each other to sleep.

4. What did you like best about summer vacation from school?

Christmas. Going to the pools with my sister.

5. Did you like school or dislike school? What is your most memorable school moment?

I liked the lessons and learning. I didnt like lunchtimes because from about day 1 I was teased and bullied by the other children. I turned into a loner. I was happiest at lunchtime if the library was open because then I could get away from the teasers. Whom teased me as I hang around the trees just outside the classrooms. In the library I could write out poems.

I remember the first headmaster at primary school he would come into my class sometimes and say “Oh theres my happy smiling girl. Working hard” I love to be praised by him.

I was shy (little wonder with the treatment I got from the other students) and once there was a Christmas party (?) in the next classroom which we, my class, were invited to attend. I went as it was school-time and expected of me but I remember crying as I didnt really want to be there.

I liked playing in the junior part of the school as my sister was there. We werent really allowed, which I thought was a stupid rule. Sometimes my sister and I would walk from one side to the other side of the path that was outside the classrooms with another little girl called Josephine apparently it was good for her to practise to walking. She had one leg shorter than the other and possibly had cerebral palsy. My sister and I befriend this girl and use to spend lunchtimes walking with her.

I was excluded from games like jump rope and knuckle bones. It made me sad. At one point I got my own set and played by myself in the clock-rooms.

I had a crush on a guy at school. We held hands once in class and got told off by the teacher. After that he went right off me. There was a school dance and it was girls chance to ask a boy to dance. I asked this boy he accepted. It was a make up your own dance and he insisted we dance across the room as Egyptians. I didnt want to I was very embarrassed. I think I did it. It was also enough for me to leave him alone after that. Everyone at the dance had laughed at us.

By the time I went to high school I was well and truly a loner. I was timid and shy. Occasionally of the girls would befriend me but it never lasted. One girl in particular lost her mother and after she came back to school after the funeral it was like shed changed. She didnt want to be my friend anymore. She just use to hang around with the rough girls.

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