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Yesterday when I was visiting my bloggie friends on broadband (yeah!! yahoo!! yaye!!) it awoke 2 childhood memorys when reading Adventures in Babywearing and Abigail’s Picture of the Day Club both dated (Wednesday, 20th September 2006).

When I was a child I use to go to a big shopping centre with my parents and they had those great mirrors on the top floor where they also had a family resturant/tearoom and and in the middle there were all sorts of toys, pedal cars and a merry go round that children could play on. I still remember upon entering this floor of the shooping building walking along the line of mirrors and laughing as my body as it seemed to take on different and strange effects – very tall me, very fat me, very thin me etc etc. I use to love looking at myself in those mirrors – some of them made your body look quite strange.

The only photo I could find was set at least 50 years before I ventured there but it gives you a very rough look at what it was like

Again when I was a child Dad was an electrician and he wore hard work boots. My sister and I would delight in getting him to sit down when he came home from work and pulling and pulling at his boots to take them off for him.



One Christmas my sister got a scooter for a present. The next day I was riding it and seeing how fast it would go. Apparently I rode over a stone.

Down came the scooter and I onto the concrete, purple, front steps of our house. I lay there unable to move. I cried out of pain and the need for help.

My sister ran into the house and got our parents. They took me into the dining room and cleaned up forehead. Dad decided I needed to go to the doctors and we all piled into the car.

When we got to the doctors Dad and I went in. Mum and my sister stayed in the car. They said they could hear me screaming in the car outside the surgery as the doctor stitched my forehead.

The real regret of the whole episode was that the next day we were suppose to go away on holiday and it was decided we shouldn’t go.


13 things about my childhood

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1. I lived under the power pileons and had a little ‘boyfriend’


2. I had my favourite teacher in standard 2 or 3 – Ive never forgotten her


3. I came to the Hawkes Bay as a child for a holiday – never throught Id end up living here


4. My favourite doll was called Margaret


5. I cracked my head open when riding a scooter


6. Our holiday’s at our friend’s ‘House with the Purple Door’ up north


7. Our camping holiday by the river


8. My first airplane trip by myself and holiday with my aunty, uncle and cousins


9. school days


10. My first real friend


11. my twin in looks at least


12. kindy days


13. I knew what I would do as a job at an early age



To see more about these visit over the next few weeks – I will expand on these

We have looked at who I am

Now I the fun begins – with this blog I want to look into the past

I heard once a quote that goes something like this:- One must look into the past to understand the future

I also remember saying to my cousin in the UK that I like to write and that I would like to write about my childhood

She was excited!!

She said DO IT!!!

She was a history teacher when she was working. From what I know of her she would have been the kind of history teacher we all dream about. One that makes history come alive. So its not the boring subject some of us may think of, when we think of history. My prayer is that I wont bore you all and that my story – the story of my life, entertains and interests you as much as I know, I for one, would be been had I been in any of Miss S’s classes.

Another quick note about Miss S is that she has done extensive work on the genealogy of my family. Over the years I have enjoyed reading the letters and documents she has sent to my father about it all. In a way we are alike we both enjoy looking into the past and writing about it.

As an index for my writing I am going to use the sidebar I am going to try to divide the writing into 3 main categories babyhood, childhood and young adult hood. I dont foresee me writing me as often as my other blog although I would like to try to make a commitment to write in at least once a week. Do visit often and I hope you enjoy The Chronicles of a New Zealander

UPDATED April 2007 

So who am I???

I am a 36 year old Christain. Originally born in Auckland now living in the lovely sunny Hawkes Bay of New Zealand. I’m a Mummy with a bachelor in ECE. I’m in a committed relationship with a wonderful man. I have 3 children (my daughter, 13, lives with her grandparents) and 2 sons – Billy 11 and Daniel 18 months.

My hobbies and interests are writing on the Internet and using the Internet in general, reading, children, driving people up the wall – no!! LOL – I like driving my car, history – always thought I would have liked to live in the 1900’s but recently found out that I would probably have been a maid so maybe not but I do like the fashions from then, the houses and the cars from that era. I also like parenting my boys and listening and privately singing to music. I like Janette Oke and Danielle Steele as authors. Most weeks I go to a playgroup with my younger son (I’m on the committee) and a youth group with my older son. I help lead it. I go to church on Sunday Mornings.

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