A while ago I was tagged by two dear bloggie friends of mine (Toni and Amy) and since Ive been slack busy I havent done them. Today Im fixing that up. I am going to spare you from reading a long long post and make it easy for myself by just doing 10. I know Im cheating but I told you Im slack busy LOL

Here goes:-

1 I use to belong to St John’s ambulance as a cadet

2 I use to collect cactus and have a little glasshouse of mine own

3 I loved woodwork as a child and made a ladder as well as other things. I loved it so much that I took it in my first year at high school as well as at intermediate.

4 I went to CobbnCo for my 13th birthday

5 I use to be a Brownie and then a Girl Guide (in the photo below Im 3rd from the right and this was my first camp)

6 Ive always bitten my finger nails

7 Ive always like full length mirrors

8 As a child I use to play that I was a warrior and had a pretend spear

9 Although you might think this fact above means I was a tom boy I wasnt. I liked playing with dolls too

10 I use to play the guitar but I never practised much which probably is the reason I never got very far with it even though I had music lessons as a child for many years.

I wont tag any one because youve probably all done these anyway. I am SLACK!!! But if youd like to do these go ahead and tell me so I can read your answers and know that youre not as slack as me 🙂