I got this meme from Barbara’s. Who got it from Sallie’s who has a Mr Linky set up for those interested in this meme to sign.

Apple Jacks or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries
Havent heard of either of these cereals. When I was growing up and even now I eat cornflakes

Band or Choir


Class Ring
nope we didnt do this at my school

Ducks or Battleships
I don’t remember playing with either one in the bath. Then I was maybe 13? and mum and dad pulled out the bath and made a shower.

Earning Money
I had an afternoon paper run.

Favorite Teacher
Ms Kingston she was a student teacher I had her in standard 3 when I was about about 9 or 10 years of age. She was lovely. She had long brown hair. I would like to know what happened to her. She was only at my school for about a year. When she left she gave me some Fleetwood Mac pictures she had.

Go Back and Do Over
Everything I would have liked to have fitted in and not been teased

Home Economics
We took sewing, metal work, wood work and cooking when I was in Form 1 and 2 (when I was 11, 12 and 13). We use to go once a week and went on the bus to an intermediate. The school I went to was a full primary school.

Then I took Home Economics at high school for 2 years I think. I remember making lunch for my mother and she and my partners mother came and ate the lunch we had them at school. I also took woodwork for 1 year at High School I so wish I had taken that longer I enjoyed it but it was considered a boys class.

Indoor Recess

At primary school I use to go to the library and write out poems. This allowed me to get away from the bullies. I use to hate it when the library wasnt open for whatever reason

Jacks or Jump Rope
I was excluded from both by the other kids. I did get my own jacks and play by myself

Kickball or Dodgeball
I dont remember. We had to play cricket and rounders. I use to stand well in the out field where I wouldnt have to do much. We also had to play netball and I HATED it. It gave children the right to scream at me.

Sandwiches, biscuits and fruit with a drink

At primary school we had to take part. I dont remember much except fear.

Number of School Districts
I went to one primary school from age 5 through to 13. It was 3 doors down the road from home.

I had to take the bus to High school.

Orange or Apple
neither I liked bananas.

Playground Equipment
I liked the stepping stones. And at home we had a swing I dont remember playing with them at school but I loved our one at home.

Quiz Team or Debate

I use to spend them getting teased and standing under the trees near the classrooms. Except when the library was open 🙂

Spring Break
We had our longest holiday of the year in summer time around Christmas here in New Zealand. Sometimes we’d go away.

Team Sports
Netball because we had to. Hated it!!!

Unfulfilled Dream
Not to be teased. I still sorry for that little girl that I use to be.

The most valuable part of my education was being praised by the headmaster. He use to come in and say “theres my smiling friend” I use to look out for him and when he came in I use to smile at him. he was nice 🙂

I also loved and was good at English.

Once a week we had Bible in schools where I am sure a seed was planted in my heart.

Walk or Bus
Walk to primary school. Bus to high school.

X Country or Basketball
Neither. But at High school had a friend (for a while until her mother died and she started hanging out with the bad girls) and I use to watch her play basketball.

My favourite year??? none I liked class work – school work didnt like the teasing and there was a lot of it. By the time I got to high school I was a loner

I knew the basis of maths. By the time I was at high school it was like a second language and I didnt understand any of it.(I got good at maths at Uni)

I took geography for a year at High school found that boring and hard too

By clicking on the photos below you will get  a bit better look.  Sorry about the quality

 1977.jpg  1977 (when I was 7) Im in the front row sitting up tall holding the sign

school-patrols.jpg1983 (when I was 12 my 2nd to last year at primary school) Im 4th of the left holding the sign.  Yes I did school patrols but not for long as I was nearly hit by a car.  It was an aweful busy highway and after the near accident when a failed to stop for the lollipop sign my mother said I wasnt doing it anymore

91869.jpgHigh school  1984 (I was 14 my first year at high school) Im in the 3rd row up and 3rd from the right

91868.jpg1985 (I was 15 ) Im in the front row and 3rd from the right

1986.jpg1986 (I was 16 and this was my final year at school I left at the end of this year after sitting school c nad passing I hated school) Im in the front row and 4th from the right