Got this meme from Barbara too.  She got it from Mama Bear

1. I left school which I hated and went and worked in a plant nursery (which I had worked in during school holidays and weekends for several years). I mostly left school because there was this nice guy working at the nursery. He was a truck driver. I had a big crush on him

2. I got my drivers license after months and months of driving tuition from a driving school – it cost me a fortune

3. At that first job I meet my first real friend Carina. She wasnt like other people Id known in the past. She was loyal to our friendship. Unfortunately she was murdered when I was 19 1/2 year old. I will never forget the day I found out

4. I lived in a caravan. I really wanted to go flatting but my mother wouldn’t let me so I saved up and got a caravan instead

5. When I was 18 I lived with a man I ended up marrying. We lived at his fathers house it was far from ideal. I missed my caravan which I sold

6. I got engaged 19 (and was married when I was 20) He was my daughters father

7. I tried smoking and hated it

This wasn’t part of the meme, but I thought it would be fun to look at 7 historical things that happened in New Zealand during my teens , which happened to be from 1983- 1989:

1. 1983:- I was 13
The fourth Sweetwaters Music Festival is held near Pukekawa. My older cousins went and I wanted too of course I wasnt allowed

2. 1984:- I was 14
New Zealand signed the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

3. 1985:- I was 15
10 July: two French secret agents blew up the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland, killing crewmember Fernando Pereira. The Rainbow Warrior had been preparing to sail to Moruroa Atoll in the SE Pacific, to protest French nuclear weapons testing there.

4. 1986:- I was 16
October 1: GST is introduced at a rate of 10%.

5. 1987:- I was 17
# 19 June: 6 year old Teresa Cormack murdered. This little girl lived in the Hawkes Bay
# December: New Zealand’s first heart transplant takes place at Greenlane Hospital

6.1988:- I was 18
7 March: Cyclone Bola strikes the East Coast of the North Island

7. 1989:- I was 19
# November 26: TV3 begins broadcasting.
# December 10: Sunday trading begins.

my-13th-birthday.jpg13th birthday

15.jpg 15 and I made the skirt and loved these shoes

15-again.jpg15 years old with my school uniform on

15-once-more.jpg15 years old