As a followup to the Carnival I have written some more memories these were triggered by reading some of the other participants memories.

  • my sister and I at one time shared a bedroom and we use to take turns at singing each other to sleep.
  • My mother must have stroked my hair as a wee toddler or baby (I dont remember) however I get sleepy when anyone plays with my hair
  • I had a dilemma when I was a very small toddler in my childhood home. But before I tell you what it was I must point out that the childhood home I refer to in the carnival was actually my 2nd childhood home. It is the place I lived in from about a year old till I was 18 years old. The dilemma I faced when I first moved to this house was that it was designed like this

the-house.jpgand I would get lost (around the red square).  It really confused me that it was like around about.  When I was drawing this I was reminded that the doorway between the lounge and dining room was a pair of large, orangish brownish glass doors which slid back and forth and were had decorative designs drawn into the glass.  This of course is only part of the house.

  • Outside we had a swing that my father made. I would spend hours swinging in it and “flying through the sky like a bird”
  • One of my favourite games involved lining  up dolls and teddies and spending many hours playing school with them.  I always knew I wanted to be some sort of teacher.
  • We had a pararubber pool.  Dad use to play in the pool with us.  Creating waves and allowing us to climb up into his arms to be “sky rocketed” into the water.  It was freestanding by that I mean it could have been sunk into the ground or surrounded by a deck but it wasnt.  It had silver corrugated type sides.  It was round and big and ours 🙂 I think it was probably before pools had to be in a fenced off area but Dad fenced it anyway.  We were under strict instructions not to go in unless we had asked permission.