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13 things about my childhood

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1. I lived under the power pileons and had a little ‘boyfriend’


2. I had my favourite teacher in standard 2 or 3 – Ive never forgotten her


3. I came to the Hawkes Bay as a child for a holiday – never throught Id end up living here


4. My favourite doll was called Margaret


5. I cracked my head open when riding a scooter


6. Our holiday’s at our friend’s ‘House with the Purple Door’ up north


7. Our camping holiday by the river


8. My first airplane trip by myself and holiday with my aunty, uncle and cousins


9. school days


10. My first real friend


11. my twin in looks at least


12. kindy days


13. I knew what I would do as a job at an early age



To see more about these visit over the next few weeks – I will expand on these