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3 months old


sleeping beauty 3 months old


6 months old


7 months old already for a swim. Im not sure if these were home made but if they were my father probably made them he was the sewer in our house. He also use to take over completley in the weekends and look after me allowing Mum to have a rest. This was rather unheard of in the early 1970’s.



9 months old

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When I was born my father was an electrician and they were provided a house to live in. I have seen the land it was once on its quite grassy now. It was a little cottage. Probably only 2 bedrooms as we had to move when my sister was born. It was right next to some power line towers. At least one of the towers was on our section.




Next door to us lived a friend of Mum’s. From what I gather this lady got German Measles when Mum was pregnant with me. I could have been born like Muzz whose mother did get it when she was pregnant with him. Muzz has an 80% hearing loss and is blind in one eye. Anyway Mum was fortunate she didnt get it and I was born without any medical conditions. Anyway this lady had a little boy called Guy and Guy and I use to play with each other all the time.

Here we are I was 7 months old.



I wonder what happened to Guy??? I wonder if he was affected by rubella???