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We have looked at who I am

Now I the fun begins – with this blog I want to look into the past

I heard once a quote that goes something like this:- One must look into the past to understand the future

I also remember saying to my cousin in the UK that I like to write and that I would like to write about my childhood

She was excited!!

She said DO IT!!!

She was a history teacher when she was working. From what I know of her she would have been the kind of history teacher we all dream about. One that makes history come alive. So its not the boring subject some of us may think of, when we think of history. My prayer is that I wont bore you all and that my story – the story of my life, entertains and interests you as much as I know, I for one, would be been had I been in any of Miss S’s classes.

Another quick note about Miss S is that she has done extensive work on the genealogy of my family. Over the years I have enjoyed reading the letters and documents she has sent to my father about it all. In a way we are alike we both enjoy looking into the past and writing about it.

As an index for my writing I am going to use the sidebar I am going to try to divide the writing into 3 main categories babyhood, childhood and young adult hood. I dont foresee me writing me as often as my other blog although I would like to try to make a commitment to write in at least once a week. Do visit often and I hope you enjoy The Chronicles of a New Zealander

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