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UPDATED April 2007 

So who am I???

I am a 36 year old Christain. Originally born in Auckland now living in the lovely sunny Hawkes Bay of New Zealand. I’m a Mummy with a bachelor in ECE. I’m in a committed relationship with a wonderful man. I have 3 children (my daughter, 13, lives with her grandparents) and 2 sons – Billy 11 and Daniel 18 months.

My hobbies and interests are writing on the Internet and using the Internet in general, reading, children, driving people up the wall – no!! LOL – I like driving my car, history – always thought I would have liked to live in the 1900’s but recently found out that I would probably have been a maid so maybe not but I do like the fashions from then, the houses and the cars from that era. I also like parenting my boys and listening and privately singing to music. I like Janette Oke and Danielle Steele as authors. Most weeks I go to a playgroup with my younger son (I’m on the committee) and a youth group with my older son. I help lead it. I go to church on Sunday Mornings.